How it works...


A simple and lightweight code is dropped on your web site


Our robots analyse all your articles (old and new) as they are updated


Kalooga technology automatically activates the image and generates the relevant displays


Simple integration

Our widgets are compatible with any site that has a large collection of visual content to manage. A lightweight Javascript is dropped on your site, and it takes less than 10 minutes to implement.


We employ cutting edge semantic technology to recommend users to the most relevant articles.


Additional photos

If you are lacking a large visual inventory we have a close partnership with Getty Images, which allows you to enrich your content.

You are in the driving seat

Many top websites trust Kalooga with their content. This is because your website editorial team retains full command of their site throughout the entire process.

Every topic

We work with a wide range of sites, notably sports, celebrity, travel and news.
However, the theme and range of images on your site are no barrier to a successful partnership with Kalooga. No matter how big or small your library of images is, we can help you.


Our Visual Layers enable users to share your visual content with their friends, directing more traffic to your page and attracting new users.


By the way, you can implement Kalooga within 10 minutes!