Frequently Asked Questions


How can I test Kalooga?
You can test Kalooga on any label you want, for as long as you want.

How can I implement Kalooga?
You only have to paste your unique Kalooga script into your page and add a class to your image. After this is done, our robots will do the job! Click here for an example.

What does Kalooga cost?
It is absolutely free. In fact we will bring you great extra revenues from premium advertisements inside our visual gallery layer.

How does Kalooga generate extra revenues?
Within our Visual Layer we advertise, using video and/or display ads. With the great dwell-times advertisers can’t think of a better place to display their premium advertisements!

What content is being used on my site?
We only use images and articles from your own site, so no copyright issues. We can also set up content syndications with for example one of your other sites!

How does Kalooga find related content?
When you publish an article/blog, our robots analyze the textual contents using our semantics engine. This we will find subjects/keywords automatically. When your articles/blog posts have been analyzed, we can connect them.

Does the Kalooga script affect our website-load-speed?
No, it will not. You only need to insert a tag into your web site, that will load scripts from our server asynchronously in the background. Our servers will do the rest, so it will not affect your server load.
Are Kalooga widgets responsive, and available on mobile devices?
Our widgets are 100% responsive and available for mobile/tablet as well.

Where do my users go when clicking the Kalooga widget?
A click on our widget takes the user to our Visual Layer. As we add something to the article-URL, they will stay on the same article page so your dwell-time will increase significantly. We will not draw visitors away from your site.

How can I be in control of the Lay-out?
Our widgets and Visual Layer are fully customizable. Let us know how you want it to look!

How does Kalooga generate extra traffic?
All images we use in our layer represent an article on your web site. When clicked, a new article page will be opened. The great User Experience will make your users come back for more.

How does Kalooga generate extra dwell time?
Users love our Visual Layer. In fact; the average dwell-time on our layer (and therefore on your article pages) is approximately 30 seconds for every visit!

What is Kalooga’s business model?
Kalooga will share revenues generated from advertisements with you.

Can I use my own advertisements within Kalooga Layer?
Sure, send us your ad-tags and we will display your own advertisements inside our layer.

Can Kalooga provide advertisements within Kalooga Layer?
Yes we can, and we can monetize advertisements as well. You are of course in charge of which advertisements we will display.

So extra traffic, extra dwell AND extra money, what's the catch?
No catch! The way Kalooga presents your content is a proven successful experience. We deliver great results and we split additional revenues coming from ads inside our Visual Layer.

Some things are still not clear to me… help!?
Please fill in your questions here and we'll email/call you back within 10 minutes!