This is how Kalooga activates your images...

Image Activation Button and Article Display at

Image Activation Button and Article Display at

Image activation and in-page visual widgets


The Image Activation Button is placed on top of the main image of an article. A click on the image will pop open a Visual Gallery Layer, which would allow users to browse through related image galleries.

The Article Display widget recognises the article that the user is reading and displays the most relevant images on the carousel at the bottom of the page. The In-Page Visual widgets recommend articles and images that are related to the topic.

The Overview Display widget works as a visual navigation tool. It displays the latest articles as images and directs users straight to the article of choice.


Visual Layers


The Kalooga Visual Gallery Layer displays relevant images on a specific topic across your page. This feature allows users to browse through many photos, displayed as thumbnails, so spotting your favourite image can be done at a glance. When an image is clicked on, an enlarged version of the photograph is displayed and directs users to the article page. Images from related articles are also presented, providing the user with the means to navigate through a publisher’s entire archive.

The Kalooga Visual Timeline chronically organizes the entire publisher’s content on a particular theme or topic in a visual layer. By clicking on the image, the timeline can either show users an enlarged version of the same image or direct users to the relevant article. The Timeline could also feature relevant external sources such as tweets or facebook updates.

The average dwell time for the Timeline is 40 seconds to 1 minute. Our Timeline has shown to expose the long-tail of Publishers’ own content in real time and incorporate editorial and advertising in our layers.